30 Ways to Reach Your Step Goal at Home

03.25.20 05:42 PM By Motion Connected

Focusing on what you can control, and taking steps to stay healthy is more important than ever. A simple way we like to stress less and feel better is by focusing on getting a healthy number of steps in our daily routines. (We recommend 6,000 steps or more.) To help you get active, while also being safe, we put together a list of ways you can get your steps while practicing social distancing: 

1. Take an after-lunch walk 

2. Step while on conference calls 

3. Walk your dog 

4. Take laps around a cul de sac 

5. Challenge friends, family or colleagues to virtual step competitions 

6. Find fun vintage workout videos 

7. Take the stairs in your house 

8. Wash the car 

9. Clean up brush in the yard 

10. Take calls on walks 

11. Walk around when you brush your teeth 

12. Set your hourly timer to go off to remind you to take a lap 

13. Make post-dinner family walks a new tradition 

14. Play outside with your kids 

15. Get up and walk between each episode or commercial 

16. Walk around while scrolling through your social media feeds 

17. Find a new local trail to hike 

18. Dance to your favorite pick- me-up song 

19. Get up to change the channel 

20. Walk on the treadmill while watching your favorite show 

21. Take multiple trips when doing chores 

22. Walk in place while doing dishes 

23. Map out a loop in your house and take frequently 

24. Do laundry - take one item out of the basket, fold it, & put it away, repeat 

25. YouTube cardio exercise videos 

26. Listen to an audiobook while walking in place 

27. Vacuum your home 

28. Use a smaller water bottle so you need to get up more for refills 

29. Power hour- challenge yourself each day to get in as many steps as you can for one hour 

30. Walk around the backyard while your kids play 

Did we miss any? What ways are you getting your steps in?