5 Smart Ways to Introduce an Employee Wellness Program

26.01.21 03:18 PM By Motion Connected

Launching a brand-new employee wellness program can seem overwhelming. You’ve done the research and planning on how the program will work. But what about the roll out? Here a few keys to consider to make your wellness program a success from the start. 

1. Create Urgency 
Most people are natural born procrastinators. If you want employees to get started right away, create a sense of urgency around the start date. Kick off your program with an exciting step challenge. Announce the program 2 weeks before the start and make sure to remind people that they don’t want start behind if they sign up late.

If you are participating in the Motion Connected Scorecard, employees can earn daily activity points as soon as they link a device. It happens automatically in real time, and they can see their points immediately. Remind them to register their account and link a device to start earning points today!

2. Use The Power of Incentives 
Be sure to decide on the incentives of your program before launching. An unclear, or TBD, incentive will not motivate employees to participate. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, people just want to know what they will be rewarded with! Come up with a plan that works for your budget and population. Clearly define & promote what your employees are working towards. 

3.Find the Champions 
What’s better than one cheerleader? How about 2, or 5, or 10?! Find those champions among your population and let them do some of the promotion for you. Depending on the size of your company, you can assign one for every location or department. It helps to have more leaders for small groups, rather than one leader for the entire large group. 

4.Pick your Communication Channels 
Understanding which communication channels you are going to use lets you prepare the right content, in the right format. Will you be using email? Zoom? Postcards? Break room Bulletin Boards? Make a list and make sure you have a variety of methods chosen. 

5.Utilize Motion Connected (or Outside) Support 
If you are already a Motion Connected user, don’t forget that the MC Team is always here to support you and your employees. Whether its technical support with devices, or advice on how to structure incentives, let us be the resource for you. 

Now are you ready to take the leap and start your wellness journey? 

Hopefully, these tips and ideas will ensure a smooth and exciting unveiling for your new program.