How to Audit Your Wellness Program

20.05.21 06:02 PM By Motion Connected

What is a wellness audit? Like a check-up when seeing a physician, a wellness audit takes stock of programs, initiatives and culture. A wellness audit gives a glimpse into the support the company provides employees and potentially, spouses and families.  These include programs, formal and informal policies and an examination of metrics, and can aid an organization through policy and environmental changes, as well as guide action for your wellness committee. 

To conduct a wellness audit, first assess where you are: 

  • Review program mission, vision and goals  

  • List and detail all programs, challenges and initiatives 

  • Include cross-departmental benefits and/or programs and tools at your disposal, like those provided by your insurance carrier, Employee Assistance Programs or Behavioral Health, and volunteer/community outreach initiatives 

  • Conduct a review of all internal documents and policies 

  • Survey employees on their needs and interests 

  • Hold focus groups to gather additional information and needs of the culture 


Next, analyze the results. 

Utilize the eight dimensions of wellness and National Wellness Institute’s Multicultural Wellness Wheel for guidance: 

  • Identify the strengths of your program 

  • Identify critical holes, weaknesses, and areas for improvement 

  • Include a review of diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure the wellness program includes all participants. 

After assessing and analyzing, it’s time to take action.  

  • Prepare a summary of your findings and recommendations for program improvements 

  • Prioritize changes and new initiatives 

  • Determine benchmarks and metrics for increased accountability 


To conduct an in-depth audit of your wellness program, check out the HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices ScorecardThis tool provides an assessment of your wellness program offering’s, as well as how your organization compares to others nationally. 


Employee engagement in your corporate wellness program will continue to evolve.  Programs needs to evolve as well, to stay fresh and current.  

The results of a wellness audit can ignite a spark in your program and lead to increased engagement, participation and improved health outcomes.