Motion Connected Employee Spotlight: Meet Kennedy

17.11.20 02:41 PM By Motion Connected

Welcome Kennedy to our Motion Connected Team! 

Tell us about yourself.

"My name is Kennedy. I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and I am a new Wellness Customer Care Specialist with Motion Connected!"

What got you interested in wellness?

"I recently graduated from UW- La Crosse with a degree in Anthropology and Nutrition. I had the opportunity to play four years of college soccer as a goalkeeper and my career with soccer made me aware of my lifestyle choices. This gave me an interest in the world of wellness because it matters what you put into your body and how you move with it. That makes a difference in how you feel each day, and in my case, on and off the field in college. 

So, I grew to enjoy learning the ever-changing world of wellness and at the same time learn how unique cultures and environments impact people’s choices."

How do you personally integrate wellness into your own life?

"I love to be outside; whether that is taking my dog for a walk, hiking around trails, or spending time with family and friends. It is a balance of activity, spending time with family and friends, and being aware of what I am eating that I integrate into my personal wellness goals. 

This combination helps with the concept of my look good, feel good, play good mentality!"

What makes Motion Connected different than other wellness programs?

"Coming into Motion Connected, I only knew little pieces about the program. Over my short time here, I have met so many awesome people and learned SO much about them! 

They are unique because they deeply care about their clients and want to keep them coming back, so they are constantly thinking of new and fresh ideas for client groups. It is an inspiring workplace to be a part of!"

In your opinion and experience, why should any organization implement a wellness program?

"I think an organization should implement a wellness program because it goes beyond just the incentives. It provides positive movements and good health not just to those specific people, but to the world through the domino effect of the “wow factor” of seeing others feel and do better through Motion Connected."