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OneDigital Partners with Motion Connected to Provide Wellbeing Solution For Employees

New product offering provides OneDigital Customers With Premium Workplace Wellness Program 

OneDigital, the nation’s leading strategic advisory firm focused on delivering health, retirement/wealth and HR solutions for employers of all sizes, announces a new workplace wellbeing sol...

12 Days of Christmas Workout

12 days of Christmas, workout edition! Put your workout to a song. Perform this great bodyweight workout in a ladder (just like the song.) 


1 burpee 

2 pushups + 1 burpee 

3 Forward lunges per leg + 2 pushups + 1 burpee...

...and so forth until you reach 12!

5 Tips for Boosting Wellness Engagement - Advice from a Motion Connected Admin

Before joining the Motion Connected team this year, I was running the corporate wellness program for an auto dealership group with over 2,000 employees. We used the power incentives and a high level of program promotion to maximize participation and increase healthy habits among the employee populat...

Motion Connected Employee Spotlight: Meet Rachel

Join us in welcoming Rachel O'Holla to the Motion Connected team! 

Where do you call home?

"I am originally from New Jersey, but I have lived in Delaware, California, Virginia, and now I call North Carolina home."


What piqued your interest in a wellness career?

"I went to Unive...

6 Reasons Why Wellness Should be a Part of Your Open Enrollment this Year

Open Enrollment season may look different this year. Many groups are considering taking it all online by presenting a virtual meeting or recording a presentation, others may feel comfortable to meet in-person, but with new guidelines in pla...