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Setting a Wellness Program Up for Success with Motion Connected

There is no doubt that our typical work environment has been turned upside down in 2020. And as wellness professionals, we know that right now, wellbeing is more important than ever. 

Employees are stressed, disconnected and feeling uncertain about the future.

To combat this reality, we need enga...

What It's Like Attending a Virtual Wellness Conference

There are many words we think of when we look back on the first half of 2020. Uncertainty, change, disruption - but there's one word used most in the world of work and conferences... virtual.


I recently had the opportunity to attend the virtual, National Wellness Institute's (NWI) 45t...

Biometric Screenings Alone Will Not Produce the Health Change You Want in Your Wellness Program... Here's What Will

  • We've seen this wellness model done countless times:
    • I’ll pay for my employees to get biometric screenings…
    • …then I’ll add a meaningful incentive to increase participation…
    • …”Knowing Your Numbers” will be enough to make employees change their behaviors
    • …I’m glad that’s sorted!

While “Knowing Your Numbers...

Wellness engagement levels are influenced by a number of key factors.

  • Is the program simple enough for the majority of employees to understand? 
  • Does technology make it easy for employees to participate regardless of their location? 
  • Are leaders actively supporting the program? – do they “wal...
7 Ways to Support Employees' Health & Wellbeing
Supporting your employees is always an important part of a positive and engaging culture. Here are 7 ways you can promote health and wellbeing and show employees you care.