Making Health Accessible and Enjoyable With Motion Connected


For over 135 years, the YMCA of the Fox Cities has been a unifying force in the Fox Valley. The Y links individuals from diverse social and economic backgrounds with an inclusive, collaborative spirit, guided by Christian principles. 

Industry: Non-profit organization

Active Participants: 487


  • Increased Engagement
    57% of employees are motivated to stay active in the program.

  • Workplace Camaraderie

    The step challenges foster
    positive relationships and
    friendly competition.

  • More Inclusive Experience
    By utilizing Motion Connected’s accessible and comprehensive wellness platform.


In late 2018, the YMCA faced several challenges: limited health and engagement impact from health risk assessments (HRA) and minimal observable changes in employee health behaviors. They needed a multi-faceted, app-based solution that aligned with their mission as a health and wellness organization. Motion Connected offered the perfect fit, providing an accessible, engaging, and comprehensive wellness platform.

The partnership allowed the Fox Cities YMCA to extend health offerings beyond the limited scope of traditional HRAs, which previously catered to only 10% of their staff and instead focused their goal on inclusiveness, finding a solution in Motion Connected that could impact 100% of their staff. 

THE SOLUTION - Let’s make getting healthy fun and educational.

Initially, the YMCA leveraged the Motion Connected platform to engage their employees in healthier lifestyles through custom step challenges.

As the program matured, they transitioned to using automated challenges, which significantly streamlined operations. Currently, there are two people who, despite having numerous other full-time duties, successfully manage the program, thanks to the efficiency of the automated features.

From there The YMCA continuously looked for innovative ways to increase employee engagement within the platform. Offering initiatives like referral programs, hosting outdoor group walks, and rewarding participation in additional challenges, such as sleep tracking and other self-care education. Small cash prizes and gift baskets with YMCA swag are awarded for scorecard achievements, further motivating staff involvement.


The fast and efficient support from Motion Connected is highly appreciated.
The automated options & incentive tracking simplify program management and facilitation.
The program is very affordable for a non-profit organization, with flexibility to accommodate their majority part-time employee structure.


Since [2021], we have increased active accounts by 156 and are on track to have the highest number of new accounts this year.”


The YMCA of the Fox Cities' partnership with Motion Connected has transformed their staff wellness program, making health and fitness accessible and enjoyable for all employees.

From 2018 onwards, the YMCA has seen significant measurable benefits:

  • •Growing participation - with this year featuring 57% program engagement
  • 96% of staff said wellness program has positively impacted the decisions they make about their health
  • 59% started exercising/walking more
  • 30% improved eating habits
  • 33% lost weight
  • 38% are making more time for daily self-care

Employees appreciate various aspects of the Motion Connected program, with top responses highlighting the prizes for challenges, the challenges themselves, the leaderboard, the app, and the ability to connect with most wearables.

“Motion Connection has been mentioned in our staff satisfaction survey as one of their contributing factors in why they enjoy working for the Y and how it helps them stay engaged.”



“I found out I am competitive. I love love LOVE the challenges! I feel more like I want to do my best. I feel very excited about my accomplishments. I am more motivated to work out. Thanks for offering these challenges and caring about us. 😀”

“I like that even those of us who are limited in physical activity still have ways to participate effectively by doing what physical activity we can combined with other wellness activities and self care. I can’t do everything others can, but this gives me a positive feeling in doing what I CAN do."

Prize incentives are surprisingly motivating. I want to win. I want extra credit. $10 truly doesn’t change my life, but a specific gift card allows me to treat myself and recognize that I did the work. Y swag is also fun.”


Ready to reimagine your wellness experience?