Help your company thrive. Increase performance, decrease confusion.

Loop all your communication & resources together

Motion Connected’s Employee Experience and Wellbeing Platform supports your employees daily lives.

Your app, your way

Our technology makes it easy to house your important information, under your brand, in any order and flow you want. Giving your employees easy & instant access to the information they care about, when they need it. 

There are endless possibilities to tailor this app to your unique culture and goals, and it’s all available for one affordable price, with no need to burn your IT resources.

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Connect freely with your workforce

Deliver content to your modern workforce based on:

Message anything

 Give employees the tools to succeed at work, and in life 

Healthy living

Empower employees to take action with daily health improvements. Our technology automatically delivers:
    • Motivating step challenges
    • A range of healthy living topics
    • Points-based structure for awarding healthy actions

    Benefit education

    Educate employees on confidently navigating healthcare. They’ll automatically receive content on important topics like:

    • Cost-saving alternatives to ER visits
    • The importance of telehealth
    • Pharmacy discounts

    Benefit access

    Engage employees, by moving your benefits information out of booklets and into the app. Helping them easily access their medical plan details, like copays and more, when & where they need it. 

    Company resources  

    Use the app technology to house the information that makes your company tick. From employee handouts, to open enrollment, events calendar and more.

    Recognition & feedback

    Use our messaging tools to connect employees to your culture. Send out surveys, employee recognition, important benefit reminders and more. 

    With no burn on your IT or HR resources.

    Built & managed by us

    Support for admins & employees

    Guidance during launch & beyond

    All at one affordable price

    Starting at: $3,000/annual

      FOR 50 eligible + one time build fee of $1,500 

      Includes standard wellness program, challenges, points tracking, company messaging tools, benefit wallet board, company initiatives board and company header / branding. Pricing based on per eligible employees