Your company spends millions on health insurance 

How much is spent helping employees understand it?

Introducing Ben IQ

This healthcare literacy program covers all the insurance & healthcare basics, empowering your workforce to make better decisions for themselves and your health plan.

Guiding your employees to better healthcare utilization.

Better benefit consumers:

Have a greater appreciation for their plan offerings

Maximize their preventative benefits

Have less anxiety & frustration 

Avoid costly care mistakes

Support employees as they navigate care
Prevent costly healthcare mistakes & cultivate less stress

Motion Connected's proactive training:

Covers high-impact topics

Cover high-impact topics employees have influence over. 

Inspires change

Inspire employees to take control of their healthcare experience.  

Educate & motivates

Educate employees on core principles & key terms.

Program Features

Simply encourage employees to download the app and we'll take care of the rest. Our user-friendly experience engages employees in better healthcare consumerism. 


The self-paced training course features approachable, easy-to-understand video content, along with initial and post-assessments to measure progress & create meaningful teaching moments. 


This customized resource center helps reinforce smart consumerism behaviors. Employees enjoy 24/7 access to important insurance  information available at time of care. 


Year-round, bite-sized education is delivered by our team & technology. These friendly posts feature helpful articles & videos and are focused on high-impact, cost-saving topics.

Centered around high-impact topics 

Focused on topics employees have control over and that create the most healthcare mistakes, leading to higher costs.

Common health insurance terms

Accessing right level of care

Shopping for prescription savings

Finding a primary care provider

Understanding explanation of benefits

Preparing for preventative care

How to avoid balance bills

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