3 Ways to Find Zero-Cost Initiatives to Support Employee Health & Wellbeing

05.25.21 02:23 PM By Motion Connected

Do you have a tight budget? (or maybe zero budget?)  

There are initiatives and programs you can introduce at your worksite that just take a bit of planning and can have a positive impact on employee well-being, at no cost to you. 

1 First, take a look at your benefits.  

  • Your insurance carrier likely has a host of health and wellbeing content you can apply at your worksite, like wellness tips and health news. 
  • If your organization offers a Behavioral Health or Employee Assistance Program (EAP), these providers also offer information, newsletters and learning sessions (on-site, on-demand or virtual) on mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Retirement plans frequently offer the similar services. 

2. Outside of benefits, get creative with what your local community can offer: 

  • Work with a local farmer to become a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) drop site. By being a drop-site, the farm drops off ‘shares’ of their produce/goods to the worksite that employees purchase. Some farms operate by a subscription service, others can place weekly orders. You can find your local CSA here >

  • Create an on-site or virtual health fair, bringing together local businesses that specialize in personal health. (Gyms, nutritionists, healthcare providers)

  • Look for opportunities to volunteer as an organization, whether through a food or coat drive, be sure to offer volunteer paid time off for employees to participate. 

3. Finally, take a look within your organization and see where wellness can fit in, by providing: 

  • A quiet room where an employee can take a private break, meditate, cry or just catch their breath 

  • A safe, dry location to store bicycles 

  • Access to clean water (many water filtration systems are economically priced to fit a building’s needs) 

  • Local trail maps or walking paths. You can even create your own with mileage markers from the worksite to paths around the neighborhood. 

  • Health Champions - most organizations have individuals that are super into fitness, eating well or just overall well-being. Health Champions can engage and promote wellness program initiatives and events, bring energy, and positively impact an organization's culture. 

  • Set up Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) to strengthen your workplace culture and positively impact employee morale, mental health and wellbeing. (Read more about ERG's here >)