4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Workplace Wellness Program this Spring

31.03.21 08:01 PM By Motion Connected

 The weather is changing as we enter the second quarter, and for most of us, New Year resolutions are long forgotten. Luckily, a new season beginning can spark a new beginning in people.


Here are four ideas on how to give your workplace wellness program a spring cleaning:


1.  Encourage employees to move more and sit less

Warmer temps mean it's a perfect time to encourage more outside activity! Challenge employees to move more and sit less by starting a lunch time walking 'meeting'. Set a meeting reminder every day, or even just once a week, where employees can meet virtually for a 10-15 minute walk outside. Studies show that employees are more productive and happier when they take a quick break in the middle of the day for themselves. 

Another fun way to encourage activity is to ask employees to share photos of WHO they love to get active with. Whether it's safe lunch walk with team members, a nightly walk with the family, or a morning stroll with their pup, ask employees to share photos of their favorite ways to get active as the warmer temps arrive. 


2.  Educate on healthy habits 

As summer approaches, people often set goals for themselves. Encourage healthy habits with a nutrition initiative in the second quarter. Think about ways you can inspire healthy eating in the workplace. Send out nutrition education and healthy recipes weekly. Offer a lunchtime seminar with a local nutritionist. Make sure vending or your cafeteria options carry enough healthy food to keep people on track to make the right choice.


3.  Take a spring-break from unhealthy habits

Challenge employees to pick one bad habit they want to change and encourage them to set a goal to quit for the spring season. For example, quitting smoking, eating too much sugar, late night eating. Hold them accountable by collecting written goals, setting a start and end date, and checking in at the end.


4.  Launch a Spring into Summer Pop Up Challenge

One way to spark engagement and new employee activations is with a new activity challenge. Launch a Spring into Summer Pop Up Challenge for a raffle prize! For example, average 7,000 steps daily for the month of May and be entered into a raffle to win a gift card. Its super easy to set up, and quick and easy to get the results. Plus, announcing a new and exciting challenge is a great way to energize people again. 


Overall, wellness programs can inspire and motivate employees to live a healthier lifestyle. We hope these new suggestions have been helpful in sparking ideas for a happy and exciting spring!  And as always, Motion Connected is here to help if you have questions, or need a platform to support these types of initiatives.