COVID-19 Vaccine & Test Tracking

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Motion Connected is addressing the challenges of tracking employee vaccinations and testing requirements.

Our Technology Allows Your Organization to:

Actively communicate company updates and notices 

 Use the app to communicate & post your own custom policies and remind your employees to complete the necessary steps.

Track vaccination & exempt status

Employees can verify vaccination status or submit an exemption in one central location. They can also use our technology to upload their vaccine passport image for easy access. 

Collect & manage COVID-19 test results

Our flexible data capture allows you to use this for event planning, or to comply with potential mandates. Selected administrators will be notified when a positive test is identified. 


Easily view submissions with real-time reports

Use our technology to get your employee information into a dynamic database for targeted messaging, simplified management, future planning, and upcoming legal adjustments.

Easy to launch & manage

Users simply download the Motion Connected app, use your company code to register, and fill in the required information to comply.

Available as an affordable stand-alone

Or, you also have the option to include this as part of a larger Motion Connected employee wellbeing & engagement platform.

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