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Wellbeing at Work: Insights into the City of La Crosse's Employee-Centric Approach

Grab your favorite warm beverage and read how the City of La Crosse engages its employees through its robust workplace wellness program.

In our most recent 'Building a Great Company Culture' webinar episode, our host Amanda Rudd, delved deep into workplace wellness with the Wellness Coordinator for ...

Wellness Champions 101

Everything you need to build your own wellness champions team at your organization.

Part of having a successful wellness program at the workplace is having people who can champion the program. Every organization has individuals who are already passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and who like...
6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Employee Benefits Experience

How does your current experience leave employees feeling? Confident? Or Lost?

One often overlooked employee engagement strategy is benefit plan awareness & education. Having employees understand the VALUE of their benefits is equally as importan...

Motion Connected's 2022 Year In Review 

We always enjoy this time of year. It is a perfect time to pause & reflect on the year past.

A special thank you to each one of our team members for their hard work & dedication to these milestones. Also a thank you to our clients & part...

12 Employee Engagement, Personal Growth & Leadership Books to Add to Your Reading List

It is fall conference season and our team at Motion Connected has been in attendance. 

One of the fun things we like to do is to make note of all of the interesting book recommendations from the different speakers. Here are 12 of the recommendations from this season as they relate to engaging em...