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New Partnership Provides Motion Connected Clients with Virtual Offerings 

Motion Connected is excited to announce a recent partnership with Migliaro Consulting, offering access to virtual presentations, workshops and health fairs to organizations across the U.S. 

Migliaro Consulting partners with expert speakers and companies to provide corpor...

10 Ways for Companies to Support Employee Mental Health In 2021 

It may be a new year, yet most of us are still facing the same challenges, stress and subsequent burnout that started in 2020.  The pandemic has exacerbated the need for health awareness and prevention, especially in the area of mental...

Heart Healthy Recipe Guide 

In honor of February being American Heart Health Month, we scoured the web looking for recipes that are not only delicious, but are also quick to make, require only a few ingredients and most importantly, are heart-healthy!

American Heart Association - Healthy for Good Recipes 

Delicious. Si...

12 Days of Christmas Workout

12 days of Christmas, workout edition! Put your workout to a song. Perform this great bodyweight workout in a ladder (just like the song.) 


1 burpee 

2 pushups + 1 burpee 

3 Forward lunges per leg + 2 pushups + 1 burpee...

...and so forth until you reach 12!

Focusing on what you can control, and taking steps to stay healthy is more important than ever. A simple way we like to stress less and feel better is by focusing on getting a healthy number of steps in our daily routines. (We recommend 6,000 steps or more.) To help you get active, while also ...